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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Iraq Refugees: 100,000 and approaching 180,000

"The report, an independent account of the crisis caused by the demolition of the al-Askariya shrine in the town of Samarra, claimed that 11,391 families totalling 20,240 men, 27,765 women and 55,199 children had fled their homes by April 26. It said the number was increasing and might soon total 180,000 people. "

Photo from MERIP(Middle East Report

Video: Iraq Ethinic Cleansing

Orphans In Iraq and Other Perceptions

"I thought the girls at the orphanage had lost their parents in the war," she says. "But almost 80 percent were there because of divorce. Because of the scarcity of men, when a mother is divorced it's hard to get someone else to marry her. These men don't want the children of other men."


Anonymous Paul -V- said...

I hate seeing kids homeless. It's such a shame how the American public blissfully ignores the pain and suffering the Iraqi War is creating.

4:59 AM  

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