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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Re CA 50 : Heartbreaking Email from a Political Friend(Uptown Democratic Club VP)

"See, the Republicans know how to run a rough race when they know they'll need more time to brainwash the voters: they run SEVERAL candidates in the Primary (unlike the race for Ron Roberts where it's going to come down to one "Democrat" and one "Republican"). The GOP's playbook says to split the vote, which is what the Datamar survey shows, so that Francine can't get 50+% to have a straight win. Now, it's a slog on to November, we have Diebold making housecalls to all counties (including San Diego County) that use their machines "updating" them with new code, and Mr. Roach who has a personal fortune of $200m which he says he'll spend it all to win the 50th CD.

Who wants to bet the farm?"


Anonymous Paul -V- said...

There are rumors that the elections this year are going to be a disaster.

BradBlog has a good editorial on it:

9:17 AM  

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