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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sex trafficing in America's 'New Iraq'

"No one knows how many young women have been kidnapped and sold since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq, based in Baghdad, estimates from anecdotal evidence that more than 2,000 Iraqi women have gone missing in that period. A Western official in Baghdad who monitors the status of women in Iraq thinks that figure may be inflated but admits that sex trafficking, virtually nonexistent under Saddam, has become a serious issue. "

Afgan Schools Torched in War Against Education

"In the last six months, education has been under attack in southern and southeastern Afghanistan in an apparent attempt to erode what hope people still have in the weak central government and to panic them about their children's safety. Up to 50 schools have been set on fire, according to the country's Education Ministry. Up to 300 have shut down at some point, largely out of fear. Many parents are nervous about sending their children to school. "

Iraqi Actors Killed by New Moral Guardians in Iraq

"Faud Radi and Haidar Jawad, Iraqi children's entertainers, were executed by armed militias -- the new moral guardians of Baghdad.
The two actors were part of the Happy Family Team, a troupe seen on television and adored by millions of children, the Times of London reported. Their troupe was part of an 11-day festival intended to help youngsters forget Baghdad's curfews, bombings and the dangers of daily life. "


Anonymous Paul -V- said...

Great. We've got de-facto slavery going on in Iraq.

Thanks George W. Bush!

9:46 AM  

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