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Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush Nominates a Crony and Insider to Supreme Court: Harriet Miers

Even the Repubs are dismayed. Bill Kristol says he's "disappointed, depressed, and demoralized," because "her selection will unavoidably be judged as reflecting a combination of cronyism and capitulation on the part of the president."

One of her many special accomplishments was heading the law firm Locke, Liddell and Sapp. Here is a link that shows they contributed $2500.00 to Tom Delay's legal defense fund.

She has also been tied to TRMPAC, the Texas Lottery Scandal and cleaning up W's National Guard records.

David Frum wrote (then suspiciously retracted) "She rose to her present position by her absolute devotion to George Bush. I mentioned last week that she told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met. To flatter on such a scale a person must either be an unscrupulous dissembler, which Miers most certainly is not, or a natural follower. An natural followers do not belong on the Supreme Court of the United States." Here is a link to Air America where the blog note was saved and discussed.

But, on a brighter note, the republicans are squirming with frustration and angst. Check out this blog: Instapundit .


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