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Thursday, September 01, 2005

2000 Turnout in Austin for Cindy's first rally
I have a friend who lives in Austin and she wrote:
"We had 700-800 people on the
march from the capitol. Then
we met up with about the same
size crowd already waiting at
City Hall. I was so proud of Austin last night! What a
wonderful welcoming site for the tour bus and the families.

And we had such wonderful entertainment step up. Jim Hightower
gave us a rowdy speech. The musical talented was amazing.
Along with Dave Rovics and Eliza Gilkyson, "The Flatlanders"
comprised of Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and Butch Hancock,
did a rare reunion appearance. We had the slam poet Genevieve
Van Cleve who got married in Camp Casey perform. We had a
wonderful performance of John Lennon's "Imagine" but a
talented female musician whose name I didn't catch, but it was
beautiful the whole crowd was singing.

Cindy read her daughter's poem "A Nation Rocked to Sleep"
to close the rally. Very powerful and moving.

Keep the peace tour buses moving!"

Sonia Santana, Austin Texas


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