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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hawks and Doves Share a Candlelight Memorial Vigil at Camp Casey 1

This is a beautiful end to challenging battle of spirits. One of my blogger friends posted the following at his website:

"I just took part in a beautiful ceremony. The conservatives on the other side of the ditch joined us in a memorial vigil for the fallen solders in Iraq. As a peace-offering, they donated a 20-foot pole with two flags on it: The American and a "Fallen Soldiers" flags. (The "Fallen Soldiers" banner has a white background with a rifle planted in the ground and a helmet over the stock.)

We prayed together, lit candles and sang patriotic songs. There wasn't a dry eye in Camp Casey, it was wonderful. At the end of the ceremony, as the flags and pole where returned to the pro-Bush side, we shouted: "Thank you!, We love you!, You are good Americans!"

For the record, it was the conservative side who who volunteered to donate the flags and pole when they heard we were having a memorial vigil. In my opinion, the reason they did this was that they recognized that we love America, and the soldiers, just as much as they do.

If Cindy's protest has started a dialog between us, it was worth the effort."

Thanks to alaskagyrl for the sad, yet beautiful photo from Camp Casey 2. The Camp is being broken up today with plans for departure tomorrow. The bus tour begins. Keep the faith. What a movement. It all started in a ditch, in the sweltering heat of Texas.

Prayers to the people devastated by the recent hurricane. All of the extra supplies at Camp Casey are going to affected areas.


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