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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Well, another blogger ( at this conference made some changes in my computer and I am up and running. I am literally blogging from the protest site at Camp Casey 2. My perceptions, written earlier today:

Words cannot describe the experience of being at Camp Casey. If any of you have even a little inkling that you think you might want to attend, do not hesitate to come. There is no place on earth I’d rather be at this moment. If our world was different and we were not involved in the Iraq conflict, that would be better, but as that is not our reality, given, our current, tragic reality, I am honored to be here.

I drove into Crawford this morning and was greeted by a big sign with a faded photo of W and Laura: “Welcome to Crawford.” I parked in a designated area across the street from the Crawford Peace house and then took a shuttle to Camp Casey 2. Enroute, we passed Camp Casey 1. That is where Cindy first set up her camp. The ‘rows of crosses’ memorial is there and is really moving. At the Peace House, volunteers were making new crosses to replace the ones mowed down by a redneck, ex-con. Our van passed some men on motor cycles, some of whom flash their middle fingers at walking protestors.

At Camp Casey 2, a huge tarp has been erected to protect us from the sun! It is a gift from some cool donor. It was apparently very intense and uncomfortable before it was erected 4 days ago. It is hot and humid, but not as bad as I expected. The people here are amazing. There are many military families and soldiers.. I find it so moving to see the strength of the many motheres who are here. A new friend from Mass. Pointed out that the movement has more women than men. That women have to learn to raise their voices and speak out. Interesting.

I met a really cool woman who traveled down here alone from Homer, Alaska. People from her small community sent a bundle of money for Cindy and they made some beautiful banners that have been used by some of the mothers here who have lost their children in the war. This woman is an artist/photographer and fulfilled her dream to live off the land in Alaska. Now here, doing her part.

Every so often a nice breeze blows through. Much to my surprise this country is beautiful. Very green with thick grass, many musical insect sounds and lots of flowing fields that Tely (my horse) would just love to gallop through. I think I’ve seen several soaring golden eagles. I think I could live here! Perhaps W has an aesthetic bone somewhere in his body?

An empasssioned fold singer is on stage singing his heart out. I will be treated to Joan Baez tonight and perhaps some one else or 2 or 3. Last night Steve Earl performed. People keep talking about his performance. My brother introduced me to him a few years ago and I saw him perform w Joan Baez at that time. Interesting déjà vu. Love these great artists.

Hopfully the internet wifi will kick in and I can get this out before I get to my hotel. So cool to create on the go.




Blogger xul44 said...

Very nice message, Susan. Will be looking forward to your reports.

One question; is Cindy's name pronounced Shee-HAN, or is the more common SHEEH-an? It's being said both ways. Perhaps not the most pressing question of the day, but small things like this bother me. If you could find out and let us know ... thanks.

I'm glad you're there, Susan.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

It is pronounced "Shee-HAN."

Thanks for your support.

3:49 PM  

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