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Monday, August 07, 2006

I Am So Frustrated: Spielberg and Katzenberg Endorse Schwartznegger!!!!

I don't get it. Is this the epitomy of irony? Please, somebody, help me.

Arnie's record:

- terminating California's lawsuits against the energy trading companies for their swindling and induced power outages(Enron payoff).

- Proposes to balance the budget by borrowing money.

- "Those nurses don't like me because I'm always kicking their butts."

- executed Tookie Williams

- tried shutting down teacher unions and erode teacher unions ability to collect funds

- allowing Diebold and ES&S to get another foothold despite being decertified

- Schwarzenegger said he would take no special interest money. HE HAS TAKEN $95,000,000.

- Schwarzenegger was an illegal immigrant who worked on a tourist visa and paid no taxes on his bodybuilder earnings.

- bragged about ripping off Northridge earthquake victims

- has authoritarian views that are unamerican. He has a history of abuse of women. He made some of the most violent movies in history, which he thinks are funny.

- Does not support Proposition 89, the Clean Elections initiative of California.


- embraced stem cell research

- apologized for those stupid initiatives he put on the ballot

- blew off a potential, public meeting with Bush.

- got booed by all his con buddies when he proposed spending money to upgrade the state infrastructure (levees included)

- just met with Tony Blair and said we need to do something about global warming (smacked Bush!).

Interesting blogger comments from

"California Democrats only have themselves to blame. They nominated Angelides- maybe the nerdiest, least charismatic candidate in California gubernatorial election history. This guy makes Gray Davis look like Pat Tillman.

"It worked so well for Germany to import an uneducated, disturbed, fake-populist, right-wing authoritarian Austrian as "Leader" and head of government, gosh, why not America? It's Morning In America, again, and Springtime For Arnold. It's the Right-Wing American Nightmare. "Sleep tight, children." (Here come the cyanide caps and the Zyklon B.)"


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