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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clinton and the DLC Are Campaigning 'Big-Time' for Lieberman

"His campaign is currently producing a TV commercial from video shot at yesterday's rally with Bill Clinton but his campaign has pulled back on TV ads this week.
"We're going to have money on TV but we're also going to have money in other areas of voter contact, including door to door canvassing and turning people out to vote," says Sean Smith, Lieberman Campaign Manager.

The increase in staff is very noticeable at Lieberman's Rocky Hill headquarters. Lieberman now has twice as many paid campaign staff as Ned Lamont."

I'm miffed and disheartened. Even Barbara Boxer is hitting the pavement for this creep. They all look stupid. Call all your friends and family in Conneticut and inspire them to vote for Lamont. So far, my blog-o-surf has only found one credible rumor as to why: a quid pro quo that if Dems campaign for this heartless, evil puppet, he will promise to not run as an Independent. I wouldn't trust his word anymore than W's. What a sad state of affairs. Career Dems/politicians for themselves and no one else. I'm sick of this crap.


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