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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush's Embarrassing World Tour by Arianna Huffington

"He was equally inept during his press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel earlier in the week. Israel was bombing Lebanon, India had been hit by terrorists, Iraq was exploding, North Korea had fired its nukes, and Iran was rushing to join the nuclear club -- but the topic that most seemed to engage the leader of the free world during the press conference was the wild boar barbecue scheduled for later that night in the small German town of Trinwillershagen. "

and then.....

"Bush said he had talked to Putin "about my desire to promote institutional change in parts of the world like Iraq where there's a free press and free religion, and I told him that a lot of people in our country would hope that Russia would do the same thing."

To which Putin replied: "We certainly would not want to have the same kind of democracy as they have in Iraq, I will tell you quite honestly.""

and for the grand finale, speaking to Blair with his mouth full of food:......

"Mr Bush was caught saying that a key to defusing the Middle East crisis was for "Hizbollah to stop doing this s**t". "What they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this s**t, and it’s over," Bush told British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a leaders’ lunch at the Group of Eight industrial countries gathering here. The President was on camera but apparently unaware that his words were being captured by a microphone." Link to video



Anonymous Paul -V- said...

I'm sure you also saw the backrub Bush gave to the German Chansellor.

I suppose it's true: A nation gets the leader it deserves.

11:55 AM  

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