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Sunday, January 08, 2006

He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules - The web of corruption extends to Europe and....?

Russian Oil Executives hired british lawyers linked to $1 million payment to Abramoff's phoney money laundry: USA Family Network

"Mr DeLay, Mr Buckham and Mr Abramoff met Russian gas and oil entrepreneurs before and after the payment. But the Congressman's spokesman insisted that he made decisions only "based on good policy and what is best for his constituents and the country".

DeLay Tied to Another Lobbying Firm in Abramoff Scandal

"The firm(the Alexander Strategy Group) openly promoted the idea that it could deliver access to Mr. DeLay, who has denied any wrongdoing but abruptly announced Saturday that he would not try to regain his leadership post. Now the very connections with Mr. DeLay that formed the backbone of Alexander Strategy, put together with Mr. Abramoff's help, have put the future of the firm in doubt."


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