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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The mother of all posts: Today in Iraq: More than 150 killed, 200 wounded.

Al Zarqawi declares war on Iraqi Shia "Zarqawi declares "all out war" on Shi Muslims in Iraq in response to a US-Iraqi offensive on the town of Tal Afar"

Lie/quotes noted by Today in Iraq:
TAVIS SMILEY: “There are a lot of folk, and I know you’ve heard this, who believe and it’s been everywhere expressed that this sentiment that the money and other resources that we have been spending on Iraq put us in a situation where we didn’t have the resources available quickly enough to move into the Gulf Coast. Do you accept that?”
SECRETARY RICE: “No, it’s just not true. Frankly, it’s hogwash. And I’ll use that term very, very clearly. There are plenty of resources to deal with this. There are military resources to deal with it. There were National Guard resources to deal with it.”
KMOX RADIO: “Does that mean we’re stretched a little bit thin?”
SECRETARY RUMSFELD: “No. In fact the implication that we’re stretched thin is an inaccurate one and it ought to be knocked down hard.”


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